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Paperwork can be tedious. Having to manage several invoices on several accounts all at different times during the month can monopolise resources and cost you money. 


With Dicker Data CSP you can organise all your CSP invoices so they make sense for you and your business. 


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The small and medium business space is the most hotly contested market in Australia today. The key to staying relevant is staying up to date with the  latest products and services being offered by the biggest cloud vendors.


Dicker Data are here to help. Our industry experts have their finger on the pulse and are happy to share what they know with you. With technical workshops, training semiars and webinars every month you can always stay in touch.


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Understanding the nuances of a complex and evolving market can be one of the biggest challenges for a technology business. Knowing when and how to incorporate new ideas and technologies into your current strategies can make all the difference. Dicker Data's award winning team want to help you be at the forefront of this diverse industry and are invested in your success. 


Stay In-front of an Always Evolving Marketplace 


At Dicker Data we open accounts for active IT reseller partner organisations so we'll need to learn a bit more about you and your business before we can create your account with us. To help you be prepared for the process ahead, we recommend you have the following pieces of information close at hand:

  • Your driver's license

  • Your company's registration information including ABN

  • Information about your company directors

  • Information about the markets your business services

  • Trade references for us to contact to verify your business

  • A witness to verify your signature

Once you're ready to start your application process please click the "Sign Me Up" button below. 

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